Safe Snack List

Nut Free graphic

Items on this list are approved to be in classrooms for the appropriate snack - daily snacks or birthdays/other special occasions as stated on the list.

Only items on this list will be allowed in the classroom. If a snack is brought in and is not on this list, it will be sent home. Food must be store-bought, brand specific as identified, in the original packaging with ingredients clearly listed, and not expired. Homemade treats are not allowed. Please limit to one snack per student.

IMPORTANT: Due to continual changes in manufacturer packaging, please read the ingredient label of all snacks, including those on this list, to ensure that it does not contain any of the following: peanut/tree nuts, peanut/nut butter, peanut or nut oil, peanut/nut flour, peanut/nut meal, or any variety of the statements “contains peanuts,” “may contain traces of peanuts/nuts,” or “manufactured in a facility or on equipment that also processes peanuts (and/or other nuts).”

**Packages with a symbol stating they are made in a DEDICATED PEANUT and NUT-FREE facility and CONFIRMED to have NO NUTS or PEANUTS in the ingredient list are acceptable options.

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